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EMDR:  EMDR is a technique that is empirically validated that is extremely helpful with helping clients who have experienced trauma to effectively work through their traumas and as a result have their nervous system go back to normal.  In a nutshell, how it works, is through processing painful events while doing “bilateral stimulation” (you watching my hand go back and forth), we are tricking your nervous system to allow access to a part of your brain that stores the trauma memory and keeps it in that frozen place where your nervous system still thinks you have to worry about the trauma being present.  Simple Traumas (painful, but one time traumas) can be dealt with typically between 4 and 12 sessions.  More Complex Traumas (from ongoing abuse) can be eradicated as well, but it does take longer because there is more that needs to be cleared. I would love to set up an initial consultation that could allow you to experience EMDR working on a minor issue you have so you can experience the confidence that it will help you overcome your hyper-vigilence/PTSD/over-stimulated nervous system.  If you decide to not work with me at the end of the first session, I will give you your money back.




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Schedule an Online Appointment <<-- Online,
or call 510-686-3390,
or email todd at todd@toddharveymft.com  

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